Mutawatir مُتَوَاتِر

Mutawatir مُتَوَاتِر

Mutawatir is that Hadith which has been narrated by so many whose agreement over a lie would have been impossible, (nor an error would be possible). Another condition is that the numbers should be found in every link of the chain of narrators. That is, from the Companions, down to a Follower, down to the time when it was recorded, at every link the number should be that large.

For example, the Hadith: ‘Whoever fastened a lie on me may find his abode in Hellfire,’ has been narrated by more than 62 Companions with huge numbers later on also. It is a Mutawatir report. Similarly, Ahadith about the Second-coming of `Isa b. Maryam, the Dajjal, or, those concerning certain rituals, such as, Prayers, fasts, etc., are of Mutawatir status, having been narrated by huge number of narrators at each link of the chain of narrators.

A mutawatir report is almost as certain as the Qur'an, and, therefore, rejection of a mutawatir hadith entails kufr.

The Hadith about the Pond of Kawthar was narrated by 50 or so Companions; the Hadith, ‘Whoever built a mosque for the sake of Allah , will have Allah build for him a house in Paradise,’ was narrated by about 25 Companions; the Ahadith, ‘Every intoxicant is forbidden,’ ‘He who deceived us is not of us,’ ‘Do your Fajr in as much close to morning light as possible,’ ‘Islam started as a stranger and will end as a stranger,’ and, ‘A group of my Ummah will remain on the Truth until Allah ’s command (the Hour) comes,’ are also of Mutawatir status. The Hadith, ‘May Allah keep bright the face of him who heard from us our words and then passed them on as he heard..’ is narrated by around 30 Companions. A Mutawatir report is almost as certain as the Qur'an, and, therefore, rejection of a Mutawatir Hadith entails kufr.

Jalaluddin Suyuti has collected together 113 Mutawatir Ahadith in a book titled: Qatf al-Azhar al-Mutanathara fi al-Akhbar al-Mutawatirah. He treated a Hadith Mutawatirif it had 10 narrators at every link.

We shall, in the forthcoming versions attempt to reproduce all of them, Allah willing.