A Complete Guide for the New Muslim


A Complete Guide for the New Muslim

If you have entered in Islam newly then it is a big success for you. Congratulations and welcome to Islam. Definitely it is a great success for you. You are new so definitely you need a proper guide line which can help you to look forward toward the right path. Here is a guide for you with can help you to make your faith stronger and to get closer to Allah Almighty. Follow this guide and make your faith stronger:-


1. Try to know Allah

Take up a life-long interactive connection with Allah. Allah isn't just a notion, He’s definitely there, and He knows anyone and listens for your requirements, so talk with Him and focus on Him talk with you via His words inside the Quran. Discover Him, get acquainted with Him via his 99 bands and attributes, read His Book, adhere to His messenger, in addition to learn in addition to apply His commands in addition to prohibitions. This is easier said than done. You must dedicate time and effort to learn and apply a little everyday in addition to accumulate knowledge as time passes. And do not forget that the best way to retain knowledge should be to practice it and also to teach the item to other folks.


2. Try to know yourself

Dedicate some time daily to target inwards to essentially know the actual you along with create peace with yourself. Learn how your mind and body function, along with how your own emotions work, this is how the Quran teaches us to get started; by looking at the incredible miracles we call our bodies.

Love yourself and appreciate the way you were created to ensure you to help love your own magnificent Inventor. Think associated with why you’re throughout this life and set a target for you to ultimately achieve to be a mission. Give your daily life purpose along with direction, because any time you’re accommodating meet God’s anticipation of you it's going to inevitably bring you closer to help Him.


3. Learn how to offer prayer and pray on time

One thing you should do, of study course, is to learn to perform salah (the official prayer) correctly, and then enter into the practice of accomplishing the 5 daily hopes at their particular proper instances. This signifies learning some the Quran — in east Surat Al-Fatihah (Chapter 1) and at least one or a couple of short surahs — to be able to pray. It is far better, of course, if you know more of this Quran. So make the maximum amount of effort as possible to learn a little each morning. Try to offer prayer on time.


4. Try to balance your life

We all have 3 spheres inside our lives: do it yourself, work as well as relationships. Many people focus one and neglect additional two, which cause a strained as well as unfulfilled living. Focusing simply on do it yourself makes you selfish as well as arrogant, paying attention only about work makes us materialistic devices, and paying attention only about relationships makes us nugatory pleasure hunters. Islam teaches that most three are usually interconnected as well as interrelated, they’re one unit, and we need to put ample effort into these in buy to guide a balanced, healthy living. You’ll recognize that in the actual Quran, while faith will be mentioned, as well as coupled having doing good deeds, and within the tradition in the Prophet, good manners will be defined the mark involving true religion. In some other words, rearranging ones priorities according to Islamic theories, and making use of the Islamic principles in each and every aspect in your life is ones shortest method to God.


5. Increase the knowledge

You can also increase your knowledge of Islam by means of reading, attending lessons at the mosque or maybe in houses, and listening to audio files on the internet or to help tapes. Try to find a knowledgeable individual who can remedy your questions. Beware of those who are knowledgeable, while these are not. Seek out scholars by way of Islamic centers and find close for them. Seek knowledge from their website.


6. Go to mosque

It is said by Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) that:-

“The person who receives the greatest reward for the Salah is one who lives the farthest and has the farthest to walk.”

Although this may be hard at first, try and navigate to the mosque. The payoff is going to be huge, even though you just pray and leave right after. You can eventually heat up to the city and you'll feel practical going for the mosque while you like.


7. Try to find Muslim friends

It is beneficial to tell yourself that you are not the only real Muslim in the world and anyone share your current religion using almost two billion people worldwide. Also, don’t cut your friendships together with your non-Muslim close friends unless they are constantly partying or when using the list regarding major sins seeing that their end of the week to-do record. You could be a light to your Christian, Agnostic, Jewish, or Atheist close friends. You by no means know exactly who God will probably guide, and showing that you are living a ethical lifestyle can encourage these folks to learn just a little about Islam or maybe change their mind to using a positive view with the religion.


8. Choose the middle way and stay away from extremism

In Quran E Hakeem it is said that:-

Thus We have appointed you a justly balanced nation that you might be a witnesses to the people and the Prophet a witness to you.

Thus We have appointed you a justly balanced nation that you might be a witnesses to the people and the Prophet a witness to you.












“Thus We have appointed you a justly balanced nation that you might be a witnesses to the people and the Prophet a witness to you. And We did not appoint the qiblah which you were observing but to distinguish between him who follows the Messenger and him who turns on his heels; although, this was a hard thing indeed save for those whom Allah guided. And Allah was not such as to allow your faith go wasted. Truly Allah is Most Kind, Most Merciful.”

A lot of people have extremely strict vistas of what exactly is right in addition to wrong in addition to always find the more hard of a couple of halal (permissible) selections. Try to look at the center ground and stay moderate. Generally, there is greater black-or-white option, with several shades of gray involving. In learning to practice your new faith, take things slowly. Don't become overenthusiastic by simply plunging in and looking to do several extra works of worship simultaneously. It had been reported by Sahih Al-Bukhari which the Prophet (peace be upon him) advised us of which Allah loves best the acts that are repeated on a regular basis, even as long as they were very little. So opt for one fresh action at a time and grow to be very standard in undertaking it ahead of adding a different one.

Many good things will be happened to you during this journey. You will definitely face some problems but don’t despair. Remember this Prophet's friends were most converts in order to Islam and they were human beings who originated from Adam and Eve like everyone else! Be strong and find comfort with your prayers and worship. This guide will definitely help you a lot. Let’s pray to Allah Almighty that May He show us the right path and make every difficulty easy for us Ameen!