Let’s Ask Forgiveness from Allah Almighty


Let’s Ask Forgiveness from Allah Almighty

Once someone asked from Imam Malik that how a person will know that which trouble is a blessing and which is punishment? The answer of Imam Malik was this, that the trouble which makes the connection of man strong with Allah Almighty that trouble is a blessing from Allah Almighty. In Quran E Hakeem Allah Almighty has said that on earth whenever troubles come these are the result of our deeds. At another place it is said that do good deeds so that the doors toward blessings will be open for you. When we think about these two verses then we can understand about the life and the universe.

Remember that Allah is most merciful and he forgives us whenever we ask forgiveness. In today’s world when we see as a whole this thing is clear that we are not following the teachings of Islam. Every sin has become the part of our society now. It is that point when a man appreciates sin. But our Lord is very much merciful that He made the promise with our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) when he was weeping for Ummah that whenever the people will ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty after sins they will be forgiven because of the mercy of Allah Almighty. There is no limit of Allah’s mercy. 

It is said by Hazrat Majdid Alif Sani that the man who ask forgiveness a lot is like that man who never committed the sin. And here the interesting thing is that the person who asks forgiveness a lot Allah loves him a lot that is why he gets the power of to ask forgiveness. It is said by Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) that:-

“When a man sins and says: O Allah! I have sinned and I know that you forgive the sins, so, Allah forgive me!, Allah replies: My servant acknowledges the fact that he had sinned and he acknowledges the fact that I forgive the sins, I forgive his sins!, so, the man does a sin again and he says the same thing, and Allah says the same thing. The third time, likewise. The fourth time, Allah says: Alima Abdi Anni Aghfirudth-Dthunub, my servant acknowledges that I forgive sins, let him do whatever he wishes for I have forgiven his sins.”

A man gets the power to ask forgiveness when he know that how he should ask forgiveness. It is told by Hazrat Ali (RA) that how a man should ask for repentance:-

• He/she should feel ashamed on previous sins.
• He/she should weep in front of Allah Almighty.
• He/she should have strong and pure intention of not revising sins in future.

Repentance is that when a man feels sorry by heart that why he performed disobedience of His lord? Why I made angry that to whom I will return after my death? When a man will weep because of the pain of sin at that time those tears have so much power that the fire of hell can be controlled. When we ask forgiveness by heart then there is no reason that we can’t get rid from our troubles. So let’s ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty before the time is up. O’ Allah we know that we have a lot of sins, we are sinners, but you are most merciful and there is no limit of your mercy, Forgive us otherwise we will be destroyed. (Amen)!