Guide for New Muslims to Learn, Understand and Recite Quran-E-Hakeem


Guide for New Muslims to Learn, Understand and Recite Quran-E-Hakeem

Whenever we go in a new situation and environment we want to know the rules and regulations regarding that situation or environment. To know about rules is important because these things help us to fit in that specific environment. When we go in a new environment we always want someone who can guide us and tell us about the different things which matters a lot.

When someone newly enters in Islam he/she want to know about Islam and the First book which he gets in his hands is Quran E Hakeem. Quran E Hakeem is a complete guide which Muslims follow. When a non-Muslim enters in Islam his/her duty does not end with accepting Islam. It’s the starting and a new Muslim has to learn much regarding Islam and the key toward learning is Quran E Hakeem. One should learn and understand Quran E Hakeem in depth. Below give discussion tells the ways which can help a new Muslim to learn, understand and recite Quran E Hakeem.


1. Find a Quran teacher or join online Quran academy

The most important way is to learn a Quran teacher. If you are living in an Islamic country then in that country you can find the experts which can help you in learning Quran E Hakeem. Muslims that cannot look for a Quran teacher inside their vicinity can opt for Quran learning academy as a method of understanding Quran. The on-line Quran academies are specially established regarding Muslims who still find it hard to arrange a Quran teacher who are able to teach all of them Quran in face to face classes. When a new Muslim face the problem in finding Quran teacher he/she must join good online academy. 


2. Take start with basics

There can be convert who would want to learn Quran on their own. For them the most effective tip is in the first place basics after which jump for you to recitation as well as reading regarding Quran. When it comes to basics, a convert has to know around the Arabic alphabets and the way they are distinct, because it is the alphabets in which combine in the right way to kind words. For that reason, Muslims contemplating learning on their own should consider the use of Noorani Qaida while startup manual for Quran understanding. Make using the Noorani Qaida and get accustomed to the Arabic alphabets and set foundation for Quran understanding.


3. Try to learn Tajweed

The language of Quran E Hakeem is not that language which one should read in a plain mode. There are some specific rules. A Quran teacher can help you to learn the rules.


4. Join the group

If you are living in a non Muslim society you can join a group of those who have converted in Islam. The good thing about a group is of which in these types of groups it is possible to come in place with issues and issues you might be facing concerning learning regarding Quran along with the fellow party members can help you solve the problems. In addition, the groups may also be an outstanding option in terms of understanding the verses regarding Quran in addition to considering their request. The members in the group could possibly select particular verse or maybe verses pertaining to discussion and discuss in regards to the meanings in addition to message in the verse in the session. 


5. Listen the recitation of Quran E Hakeem

Listen to a recitation from the Quran from a highly skilled reader, even if you don’t comprehend. It’s important to get the feeling from the original text message, and it’s mesmerizing to listen to its abnormal music.


6. Consult from Ahadith

Some time new comers find it difficult to understand Quran E Hakeem. When someone does not understand the verses of Quran E Hakeem he/she consults from Ahadith Remember that Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) was a living Quran E Hakeem.

In other words, Quran is actually the beacon associated with light in which continues with guiding a new Muslim throughout their life. Consequently, thinking that the objective of Quran is actually complete as soon as one takes Islam is usually a misconception, alternatively, Quran needs to be learned, understood in addition to consulted through life with a new alter as is conducted by various other Muslims. May Allah give us courage to learn, recite, understand and follow Quran E Hakeem (Amen)!