Islamic Manners Associated With Yawing and Sneezing


Islamic Manners Associated With Yawing and Sneezing

Being human we have to learn the manners related to every action. If will not learn these manners we will be called ill- mannered person. Yawing and sneezing are two natural acts. There are some manners associated with these two acts which Islam has told us and we must follow these manners. So let’s discuss these two acts one by one.



In public yawing is considered as bad manners. When someone yaws in front of others it does not sounds good. It gives the effect of laziness and boredom that is way it is not being liked in gathering. This act is not liked by Allah Almighty. In a hadith which is narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurrairah (RA) it is said by Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) that:-

“Allah likes sneezing, and He dislikes yawning, so if one of you yawns, let him suppress it as much as he can, and not make any noise, for that comes from Shaitan who is laughing at him.”

This hadith makes this thing clear that Yawing is disliked by Allah Almighty but still it is a natural act so it is not possible to omit it completely but we can try to suppress it. It is recommended to cover the face while yawing. In a Hadith it is mentioned that:-

“When one of you yawns, let him cover his mouth, lest the Shaitan may enter.”

Consequently, it is usually mandatory for a Muslim to be careful while he/she yawns. Special care need to be taken if we feel the urge to be able to yawn through Salat. It not simply makes us look unappealing in deal with of public but additionally displeases Allah, which should be a greater concern for people like us.



It is another natural act. This act has many benefits. It is the state of joy and health. Its gives us good feelings and lightens our brain. When a person does not sneeze and suppress it can be dangerous for the health. That is why this act is liked by Allah Almighty. But there are still some manners which we must follow. In a Hadith which is narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurrairah (RA) it is said by Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) that:-

“If anyone of you sneezes, he (she) should say ‘Alhumdolillah’ (Praise be to Allah) and his brother or his companion (i.e. one who is with him/her) should say ‘Yarhamuk Allah’ (May Allah have mercy on you). When the latter says ‘Yarhamuk Allah’, the former should say ‘Yahdikumullah, wa yuslihu balakum’ (May Allah guide you and set your affairs straight).”

Here in this matter there is a confusion that when the companion is non-muslim then what one should do. This thing can be cleared by a hadith that is narrated by Abu Burdah that:-

The Jews used to sneeze in presence of the Prophet (PBUH), hoping that he would say to them ‘Yarhamuk Allah’, but he used to say ‘Yahdikumullah, wa yuslihu balakum’.”

The sound of the sneeze must be lower. “Whenever the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) sneezed, he would cover his mouth with his hand or a piece of cloth, suppressing the sound this way.”

So these are some manners which are associated with yawing and sneezing. The particular narrations talked about here comprise another beautiful example on the greatness associated with Islam, a religion in which even this stuff have been taken care of, a religion that is a complete faith. It is around the Muslims to take all this sort of manners advised by our beloved Prophet (PBUH), in purchase we might possibly boast associated with ourselves for the reason that best one of several mankind within the earth. May Allah forgive us and guide us toward the right path if we are going toward the wrong path. (Amen)!