Guide for a Muslim Mother to Raise a Perfect Muslim Child


Guide for a Muslim Mother to Raise a Perfect Muslim Child

To raise the children in perfect way is a weighty responsibility of the parents. Of course parents wants that their kid must be perfect in future in every field of life whether it is social, religious or about career. It is a sublime art to raise perfect kid. The teaching of parents affects a lot and leaves permanent effect on their personalities. Mother is a first teacher of the kids. A child comes in this world with a clear mind like a white paper. The first word which is written on this white paper is that word which his/her mother teaches to him/her. Here is a guide for Muslim mothers which will help you in raising a perfect Muslim child.


1. Consider yourself on duty all the time

Your kids are something special from Allah. And Allah Almighty expects that you be productive enough to worth in which gift. He wants that you make your young ones a perfect Muslim and also a constructive a part of your contemporary society. So feel that responsibility on your own shoulders, but don’t stress, although the duty is difficult but Allah has you. Prepare on your own mentally being on duty round the clock and one week a week. Motivate yourself for the upcoming troubles in bringing up your youngster.


2. Be friendly with children

Make an effort to establish a new relation connected with trust and also friend send. Develop frankness using your children. Often children hide their matters from parents beyond fear. Your frank behavior would encourage them to discuss about confusion or perhaps ideas they've already in their mind, just before acting on them. Especially children spend lots of time with new mother, so a sort and warm and friendly behavior of a mother may help them talk out their hearts.


3. Treat all of the in best way because favoritism is destructed

A few mothers make a major mistake in terms they mention their children by favoring the particular boys within the girls. This attitude might not be felt initially, but that sometimes occurs spontaneously. Throughout time, the particular attitude gets a deep-rooted along with serious matter. It might even develop right social issue which includes negative consequences around the girls together with on all the family. Often consumers are in behavior of treating children unequally. Especially with regards to gender, boys tend to be prioritized above girls. They are offered with additional resources as compared to girls. Or even sometimes intelligent or desirable child will get more consideration. This biased attitude can develop a great deal of inferior complexes along with issues as part of your child. Islam enjoys equality. Although men get more authorities now and again but it truly is written nowhere to help remedy children unequally. Actually our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) loved his daughter too much.


4. Try to offer Prayer in front of your kids

Try to provide prayer after Adhaan calls. And try and compel your second half also, to provide prayer with mosque along with procession. Like this, when baby will discover his father heading for mosque 5 times each day, he will likely join his father to venture to mosque. Similarly your current daughter will observe you also.


5. Do recite Quran in front of your kids

If you would like your child becoming a good and also practicing Muslim, be a practicing Muslim in front of them. Quran recitation is important for some sort of Muslim to comprehend Deen. Should you make a relentless habit connected with reciting Quran, plus your child observes it, there isn't chance he/she wouldn’t show fascination with what you happen to be reading. But be careful, habits are usually developed from early age groups, so even your toddler don’t gets that which you are reciting, yet it’s acquiring imprinted within his memory space, for soon after implementation.


6. Make Supplication for your kids

In a Hadith it is said that:-

“There are three supplications that are answered – there being no doubt about it: the supplication of the oppressed, the supplication of the traveler and the supplication of the parent for his child.”


7. Fulfill their right desire but not wrong

It is your duty that you should fulfill the every right desire of your kid. But don not fill their wrong desire. Be conscious about the fair and unfair.


8. Do practical of that thing which you want that they should do

Be considered a practicing Muslim. You cannot expect your son or daughter to speak truth while you lie in front of him. Just how does your child speak in the polite tone while you shout at him?

children are extremely fast at taking on habits, so be very much careful in front of your young children, as they are much prone to do just what you carry out. Do replicate acts in order to develop it in that person as some sort of habit, like doing zikar, reciting durood. Say BIS MI ALLAH repeatedly if you start virtually any task.

These tips will definitely provide you a guide to raise a perfect Muslim Child. Understand your responsibility and make yourself a perfect mother.