How One Should Act In Mosques in Jummah’s Prayer?


How One Should Act In Mosques in Jummah’s Prayer?

Jummah is most important and special day of the week. It is special for worship. This prayer consists on sermon of imam and after this Imaam leads the people in 2 rakats. Here are some important points to keep in mind before going to mosque or while sitting in mosque.

1. Do not eat onion and garlic before going to mosque. It is narrated by Jabir Bin Abdullah that Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) said that:-

"The Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alaihi WaSallam) said, 'Whoever eats (from) this plant (he meant garlic) should keep away from our masjid." I said, "What does he mean by that?" He replied, "I think he means only raw garlic."

2. When you enter in masjid, keep your shoes aside from the racks provided to the purpose.

3. When enter in mosque read the Dua of entering in Mosque. 

4. Sit where you find the place. 

5. Do not push people for finding the place in front row. 

6. When there is time prior to a sermon or prior to a prayer starts, offer a couple units regarding prayer as a greeting.

7. Sit in peace and wait for sermon or prayer. 

8. Don not talk during sermon and listen attentively. 

9. After sermon stand up and form rows with anyone for the prayer. 

10. Offer prayer, and when you say Salam for your right in addition to left, the prayer is finished. You are free at this stage to leave.

11. On any point, make sure not to ever walk before anyone who's going to be praying. If they have a new barrier in between them so you, its ALL RIGHT to go across on the other hand of the particular barrier.

Do not leave the Jummah’s prayer because it is said by Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) that:-

“He who leaves the Friday prayer (continuously) for three Fridays on account of slackness, Allah will print a stamp on his heart.”

May Allah show the right path to all of us (Ameen)!