Religious Tolerance in Islam


Religious Tolerance in Islam

Many people have this believe that Islam does not show tolerance in expecting that there are other religions in the world too. But this is only a misconception. Islam is a religion of tolerance and we see this characteristic in all the matters of life. Quran E HaKeem teaches to Muslims to tolerate and to give honor other people believe. To understand the religious tolerance there is need to look at the history of Islam. We can find many examples from the life of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).

What does Quran say about religious tolerance?

In Quran E Hakeem Sura E Al-Maidha it is said that:-

In Quran E Hakeem Sura E Al-Maidha



“There is nothing more upon Our Messenger but delivery (of the message). And Allah knows what you reveal and what you conceal.”

In this verse it is clearly said that the duty of the messenger is only to deliver the message. Once the people of Mecca said to Holy Prophet (PBUH) that why if God did not want them to worship idols then why He does not forcefully prevent them from doing so. In response it is said that:-

Mecca said to Holy Prophet (PBUH), In response of which it is said





“Said those who associated (others with Allah), ‘If Allah had willed, we would not have worshiped anything other than Him, neither we, nor our forefathers, nor would we have forbidden anything through other than Him.’ Thus did those who went before them. So, is there anything upon the Messengers beyond manifest deliverance?”

So this verse shows that there is no restriction in religion. The duty of messenger is to guide people and to show them the right way. After this it depends on people that whether they follow the right way or not. In Quran E Hakeem it is clearly said that:-

“There is no compulsion in religion.”

In today’s world it is being said by non-Muslims that there is no religious tolerance in Islam. They say that Muslims are terrorists because they have no tolerance. It is only blame. Muslims give respect to other religions. They have believe on all the Prophets of Allah. Islam does not give permission to do fight. It is allowed only when there is need of self defense. Terrorists say “war” but Islam says “peace”. They say “divide” but Islam says “Unity”. They say “apart” but Islam says “we are one”. The people who say that there is no religious tolerance in Islam they should at least study Islam. Actually these people are not broad minded. They know that Islam is becoming a word wide religion because of its beautiful rules and they want to give bad name to Islam. That’s why they are spreading false things regarding Islam. But they will not get success. They have evil intentions but they will feel sorry at the end. One sentence can cover the value of Islam which is “Islam is a religion of peace”. So this peaceful religion cannot teach that things which can spoil the peace. If we will not tolerate there will be no peace. May Allah give us the deep understanding of Islam. (Amen)