Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH): The ideal character


Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH): The ideal character

If you experience any personality containing lived for the face of the earth who could serve as a beacon regarding guidance for folks of every walk regarding life, that character would undeniably really do the personality regarding Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims adhere to Him as a consequence of Him being the Prophet seeing that their religion and those who do not follow Islam in addition hold Him at a higher pedestal in relation to human figure.

1400 Years ago Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) was born in Makkah- city of Saudi Arabia. He was the best character among human beings as it is said in one Hadith that:-

“God has sent me to perfect good manners and to do good deeds.”

So let’s discuss about the character traits of Holy Prophet (PBUH) which every Muslim Sould know and spread.

1. All actions for the sake of Allah Almighty

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as selfless as a person could possibly be in lifestyle. All the undertakings and motives were simply to fulfill the particular order connected with Allah and He did not undertake any kind of action out of His personal desire all of which will. He resided everyday connected with His life for the sake of Allah and everything which often He do was for that Almighty. The degree of His selflessness is so visible from the particular example connected with His preaching inside the valley connected with Taif, wherever people direct naughty kids to place stones on Him though He has been preaching. He to operate for His life and He has been all covered in bloodstream. But still He did not complain to Allah regarding Him, rather one of His buddies narrates.

“The Prophet (PBUH) resembled a Prophet who was harmed by His people. He wiped the blood from His face and said: ‘O God! Forgive my people, for they know not!”

2. Generosity

Generosity is the main characteristic of the personality of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). He was so much generous and he was used to prefer others needs. In a Hadith it is said that:-

“The Prophet (PBUH) did not refuse to give anything which He had to someone if he asked for it.”

3. Mannerisms

Prophet (PBUH) ended up being the ultimate example of very good manners. Every action that they undertook within life represented the greatest morals along with manners that a person may exhibit. He was an ideal being regarding manners along with ethics, the world has definitely not seen. In a hadith it is said that:-

“The Prophet (PBUH) did not swear at anyone, nor was He rude, nor did He curse anyone. If He desired to reprimand someone, He would say: ‘What is wrong with him, may dust be cast in his face.”

So as Muslim we should behave with best manners and should give the example of the personality of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) who spends his life with mannerism.

4. Humor

People believe being a religious leader of Islam, Prophet (PBUH) got nothing related to humor, instead He ended up being all strictness as well as stringency. This kind of perception is wrong, as Prophet (PBUH) was one with the finest love of life, the likes of which again are not seen throughout anyone. His love of life was not necessarily vulgar in any sense or something that would debase as well as make exciting of somebody, rather it absolutely was fine. It is narrated that:-

“Once a man came to the Prophet and wanted to give him a ride on his camel. The Prophet replied: “We should give you a ride on a camel’s baby then.”“But Prophet Muhammad, how can I ride on a camel’s baby?”The Prophet replied: “Are not all camels the babies of a mother camel?”

5. Kind to the children

Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) was very kind to the children. He was used to say children that:-

“I’ll give such and such (i.e. gift or so) to the one who comes to me first.”

So they used to race and fall on His back and chest.

6. Cooperation

Prophet (PBUH) is the better and the highest among men and women, however, whilst every one of the greatness in addition to grandeur, He had been cooperative in the direction of people in addition to helped others in doing the chores by any means He could help them. He in no way treated Himself as special someone, rather Yet mix along with common men and women and cooperate with them by any means He can. It is narrated by one of His companion that:-

“I saw the Messenger of Allah on the Day of the Trench carrying dirt (that was dug from the trench) until His chest was covered with dirt.”

So as a Muslim we should cooperate with others without keeping in mind the rank and t he position. We should turn toward the ideal personality of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). We will find the complete guideline from the all matters of life from the personality of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).