Forever Offer: Earn Twenty Five Hundred Good Deeds Per Day By Simple Dhikar


Forever Offer: Earn Twenty Five Hundred Good Deeds Per Day By Simple Dhikar

Many times we search in religious books for that Adhkar or actions which have greater reward. So here is a good offer. You can earn twenty five hundred good deeds as per day. Are you thinking how? Here is the detail for this “how”.

It is narrated by Hazrat Abdullah Ibn E Amr that Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) said that:-

“There are two characteristics that whenever the Muslim maintains them will enter Jannah. These two traits are easy to possess. However, only a few people acquire them.”

• After every Salah do this Dhikar

     At the end of every Namaz do the Dhikar of SubhanAllah, Alhamdolillah and Allahhuakbar ten times. By doing this you can earn one hundred and fifty deeds for tongue. At the other hand you can earn one thousand and five hundred deeds for the scale.

• Before sleep do this Dhikar

 Say SubhanAllah 33 times.
 Say Alhamdolillah 33 times.
 Say AllahuAkbar 34 times. 

By doing this Dhikar we will be able to earn 100 good deeds for our tongue and one thousand five hundred deeds for the scale.

Here the point is that who will commit two thousand five hundred sins a day? So how a person can count his committed sins? Hzrat Mohammad (PBUH) said that:-

“Right after a person finishes praying, Shaytaan comes to him and reminds him of this or that (something that he has to do). Therefore this person gets up and leaves without saying these words. Additionally, when he lies in his bed Shaytaan comes to him and causes him to fall asleep before he can mention these words”.

It is narrated by Hazrat Abdullah ibn ‘Amr (RA) that:-

“I saw the messenger of Allaah (Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) say these words using his hand to count them.”

A very beautiful and easy way to earn Jannah

 After every Salah say Subhaan Allah 10 time, Alhamdolillah 10 times, Allahhuakbar 10 times. When we recite these words after evey namaz then overall we will do this dhikar one fifty times a day. As we know that Allah Almighty gives the reward of one deed as we have done 10 deeds. So if we multiply 150 with 10 them the deeds will be 1500. 

 Before going to bed always recite SubhanAllah 33 time, Alhamdolillah 33 times and AllahhuAkbar 34 times. It means that we will recite these adhkar 100 times per day. And the reward of these adhkar will be recorded as 1000 deeds. 

 By adding these one thousand deeds in fifteen hundred deeds the overall deeds will be twenty five hundred.

So do the Dhikar and come closer to Allah Almighty. Purify your heart and soul and earn as much good deeds as you can.