The Benefits of Offering Salat


The Benefits of Offering Salat

The building of Islam is standing on five pillars. These five pillars are:- Tawheed, Salat, Saom, Zakat and Hajj. Namaz is one of the important pillars of Islam. Namaz is a source to talk to Allah Almighty.It is a way to make a strong relationship with Allah Almighty. In Quran E Hakeem Allah Almighty has talked about Namaz many times. So as a Muslim we should try our best to offer salat on time. There are many spiritual and physical benefits of the offering Salat. In Quran E Hakeem Allah Almighty has said that:-


“I have chosen you; therefore give ear to what is to be revealed. Verily I, I am Allah. There is no god but I; therefore worship Me, and perform the Prayers for My remembrance.”

It is said by Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) that:-

“Know that among your duties, prayer is foremost”.

Spiritual benefits of offering Salat:-

• Salat is a source to talk to Allah Almighty. Bu offering Salat a person comes closer to Allah Almighty. It is a direct connection to Allah Almighty.
• Salat has the power to keep us away from bad.
• It is a way to pure our heart and soul form all the sins.
• It is the happiness of Allah Almighty.
• It is the satisfaction of the heart.
• It is the satisfaction of the soul in this world and after this world too.
• It is a companion of the grave where we will be alone.
• It is the source of the blessings.
• It is the source to improve our income.
• It is a key toward jannah.
• It is a source to save us from the fire of the hell.
• It will be heavy weighted in our Name E Amaal.
• It gives the proper shape to our body.

Physical benefits of offering Salat
There are many physical benefits of offering Salat.

• Salat is a best exercise. In morning with empty stomach we offer four rakat namaz. To exercise in morning is very much important. But with empty stomach we offer some rakats. After having lunch we have to offer more rakats. And after dinner we offer some more rakats because after his we go to sleep. To digest the food it is important to do exercise and namaz is a best way.
• When we offer Takbir and move our hands the flow of the blood increases toward torso.
• When we go down for sajda our brain gets the fresh blood.
• Our whole body moves that’s why it is the best exercise. Our heart supplies the fresh blood to entire body when we move in Namaz. The heart works in best condition. It is said by Holy Prophet (PBUH) that:-
“There is an organ in the body, when it is healthy, the whole body is healthy, and when this is sick, the entire body becomes sick”. It is the heart.
• Salat is an exercise that reduces cholesterol in the body that causes heart failures, strokes, diabetes and many other ailments.
• Our body feels relaxation when we sit in tashah’hud and the tension releases.
So keep in mind these benefits and offer Salat regularly.