Repent Before it’s too Late


Repent Before it’s too Late

In our daily life we commit a lot of sins and later on we feel sorry for those sins. The person who has Iman in his heart feels sorry and guilt on sins. He thinks about to ask for repentance from Allah Almighty. Allah likes them who feel sorry and ask for repentance. Allah becomes very happy when a human ask for repentance from Him. No matter how much sin we have done. We should just ask for repentance. Repent before it’s too late. He is most merciful and will forgive us. It is said in Quran E Hakeem that:-


“Say, ‘O My slaves who have committed excesses against their own souls, despair not of Allah’s mercy. Verily, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, He is the All-forgiving, the All-kind”.

At another place it is said that:-

“Except for those who repented, made amends, held fast to Allah and made their religion sincerely Allah’s, such indeed shall be with the believers. And Allah will soon grant the believers an immense reward”.

Repentance brings humbleness. It is a great worship.

The appropriate way of repentance

The repentance must be sincere. There are four steps which you must take to repent:-

• Stop doing the sin again.
• Feel ashamed sincerely and deeply.
• Ask from Allah with whole heartedly for forgiveness.
• Make a strong and pure intention that you will never commit that sin again.

Ask for forgiveness with full of hope.

Keep in mind that Allah is most merciful and forgiving. Many times we feel that we have a lot of sins so now it is impossible to repent. It is not the matter that we have a lot of sins so Allah will not forgive us. He is most merciful. One drop of Allah’s mercy can remove all of our sins no matter how much these sins are. We should not think that Allah will not forgive us. The sincerity must be there while repenting so have hope and ask for forgiveness with hope.

Analyze the source of the sin

Find out the way source because of what you started to do the sin and avoid that source. The source can be a TV, computer, some relatives or a friend. So find out the source and cut off from that source.

Stay connected with Allah and Islam

We should stay connected with Allah Almighty. We should offer Namaz regularly because namaz gives us courage to avoid the sins. Be connected with those people who are near to Allah. Attend those meetings which are organized specially for the discussion of Islam. These discussions will give refreshment to your Iman and you will try to avoid the sins again.

Always go back to purifying your intentions, writing down concrete plans on how you will fight your bad habits, and work hard to do so. Keep seeking Allah’s forgiveness. Repent and do good deeds before it’s too late. May He grant us the guidance and stead fastness (Ameen).