Lie is a Root of all other Sins


Lie is a Root of all other Sins

Lying is one of the common sins which we commit every day. It is basically a disease which has its bad symptoms. In Islam telling a lie is a greater sin. Allah Almighty doesn’t like liars. Lie is a root of all other sins. It is against the nature and Psychology of human nature. People tell a lie to hide the truth, to deceive others and to get some worldly benefit. There are three types of speech basically:-
1. Truth
2. Falsehood
3. Reconciling people

  Truth is a better speech and falsehood is a worst speech. When the people tell a lie they forget about the next world. Allah almighty many times says in Quran E Hakeem not to tell a lie.

“It is only those who do not believe in the signs of Allah that forge lies. It is they who are the liars.”

In this verse of Quran E Hakeem Allah Rab Ul Izat has said clearly that the people who do not believe on Him tell lies. In Quran E Hakeem the name “liar” is given to them.

The people who are liars angels curse on them as it is said by Holy Prophet (PBUH) that:-

“When a believer utters a lie without a valid excuse, he is cursed by seventy thousand angels. Such a stench emanates from his heart that it reaches the sky and because of this single lie Allah writes for him a sin equivalent to that of committing seventy fornications. Such fornications that the least of which is fornication with ones mother.”

There are many disadvantages of lying. These disadvantages can be personal or social. Once you tell a lie and when it is proved that you tell lie then no one will believe on you in entire life. Sometime people tell lie without any reason. A worst disadvantage of lie is that it leads a person toward evil and evil leads him toward hell. Holy prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) said that:-

“Indeed, truth leads to virtue and virtue leads to Paradise, and a truthful person continues to speak the truth until he becomes the most truthful person. Lies lead to evil and evil leads to Hell, and a liar continues to lie until he is listed as a high ranking liar before Allaah."

When a person speak lie about Allah Almighty and Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) it is worst kind of truth. Sometime we say that things which have not said in Quran and hadith and we say that it is mentioned in Quran or in Hadith. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that:-
The worst types of falsehood are three:
• To call someone as the son of someone other than his (real) father.
• To relate a dream that one has not seen.
• To say something this is not said by me.

We are believers. We are Muslims. Those people who do not believe on Allah speak a lie. So we should avoid telling a lie even in joke. May Allah help us to lead an ideal Muslim life (Ameen)