The Best of You are those Who Possess the Best Manners


The Best of You are those Who Possess the Best Manners

Noble qualities and the good manners in character have great importance in Islamic teaching. Islam places emphasis on adopting the good manners. When we adopt good manners we become an ideal human being and an ideal Muslim. It is said by Holy Prophet (PBUH) that:-

“The best of you are those who possess the best manners”

Once it was asked by Holy Prophet (PBUH) that

“What is there that takes a Muslim to Paradise? The Prophet replied, “Fear of God and good manners.”

The good manners which we must adopt are many. Some are given below with description of importance of these manners.

1. Truthfulness

It is said by Holy prophet (PBUH) that:-

“If anyone is pleased to love Allah (S) and His Messenger, or rather to have Allah (s) and His Messenger loves him, he should speak the truth when he says anything, and fulfill his trust when he is in position of trust”.
It is a supreme manner in Islam. Islam tells to its followers that be with them who have this manner. Is it is said in Quran that:-


“Believers! Fear Allah in the manner He ought to be feared, and die not save as Muslims”.

So we should nothing else but truth because Allah and his prophet like those who speak truth. Truth is a way toward Paradise. Once it was asked by Holy Prophet that:-

“What is the hallmark of the dwellers of Paradise?” The Prophet replied, “Truthfulness.”

2. Obedience to parents

Be obedient to your parents. In Quran about the obedience of the parents it is said that:-

obedience to parents


“Your Lord has decreed that you shall worship none but Him, and (that you shall treat) the parents with kindness. Whether one or both of them attain old age with you, then, say not to them (even) an ‘Oof,’ nor repel them, rather, speak to them noble words. Lower to them the wing of humbleness in mercy and say, ‘My Lord, have mercy upon them even as they raised me up (with care) when I was little”.

So be obedient of your parents and don’t say even “Off” to them.

3. Show kindness to all people

Kindness is another good manner which we must adopt because it is Sunnah to show kindness. Be kind while speaking to others. It is said in Quran E Hakeem that:-


“And do good (to others) as Allah has done you good”.

We want that everyone should be kind toward us so we should be kindness toward others.

4. Be sincere

Sincerity is one of the supreme manners in Islamic teachings so be sincere with everyone and in every action.

5. Have control on Anger

Anger is a trap from Satan so have control on anger. Once a person asked from Holy Prophet (PBUH) about the most important manner. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) replied that:-

”Do not be angry,”
And He (PBUH) replied this many times.

6. Humility

It is said by holy Prophet (PBUH) that:-
“He who observes humility God will make him so exalted that, ultimately, he will attain the highest grade in Paradise”.

So show humbleness and humility.

7. Don’t be jealous

It is said by Holy Prophet (PBUH) that:-

“Beware of jealousy, for verily it destroys good deeds the way fire destroys wood.”

Jealousy is a disease so save you from this disease. Be happy in other’s happiness.


So these are some good manners which we must adopt. These manners make us a perfect human and perfect Muslim. May Allah give us courage to adopt these manners (Amen)