Allah is Sufficient for Us


Allah is Sufficient for Us

The people who rely on Allah Almighty in all conditions are the successor. They have Tawwakul on Allah Almighty. “Tawwkal is a word which is used for believe which we have on Allah in all circumstances. It is said by Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) about the reliance on Allah that:-

If they would only put their trust in Allah as they should, He would provide for them like he provides for the birds who fly out in the morning hungry and return fully satiated.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhī (2344) and Sunan Ibn Mājah (4164)]

The people who have strong believe on Allah Almighty in the entire situation they say that Allah is sufficient for us. The true believers have strong believe on this verse:-


“That is your God, your Lord. There is no god save He; Creator of all things, therefore, worship Him. He is the Care taker of all things”.

Some time in life we have the feeling of anxiety in our heart without any reason. We don’t feel any pain but we feel uncomfortable. We search for the pills which can give satisfaction to our heart but we cannot search. The fine and exact pill is “Tuwwakul” on Allah Almighty. If we have strong believe than we will not feel uncomfortable in any condition.


“And whoever relies upon Allah – then He is sufficient for him.”

It means that we should have that blind trust on Allah Almighty which we have on people. In Sura E Muzamal Allah Almighty tells that He is the lord of east and west. So we should think that are our difficulties out from the east and west? If not then we should have believe on Allah that He will do fine with us because He loves us more. It is said that:-


It is said by Imam Ahmed that:-
“The happiest day of his life was when he woke up one morning only to find no food in his home, because he knew that on this day he had to rely completely on Allah”.

“Tawwkul” basically the light of the heart and this light show us the way to seek the nearness of Allah Almighty. Allah loves the believer and takes special care of the believer. Allah love the believers so how can give harm to believers. It I said in Sura E Imran that:-

“Put your trust in Allah. Verily, Allah approves of those who put their trust (in Him)”.

There is need of some training for Tuwwakul. There is need of developing the habit of Tawwakul in every situation. We are human and there is need of to tell our mind and heart that no matter if you are upset. Allah is here for us and He is most merciful. He will do nothing wrong with us. Keep in mind that Allah is sufficient for that that has strong believe. He is sufficient for us. May Allah make our believe more strong (Amen)