Major Themes of Quran E Hakeem


Major Themes of Quran E Hakeem

Quran E Hakeem is the last book of Allah Almighty which is revealed on the last and beloved prophet OF Allah Almighty. This book tells the complete code of life. It is the book of wisdom. It addresses the every issue of this life and the next world. The teachings of Quran are not for only particular nation but for the whole community. It is not a profound Book discussing only crime and punishment but it is a Book that talks of God, His relationship with man, man’s relationship with other men and man’s relationship with nature. There are many issues which are addressed in Quran E Hakeem. There are certain major themes of Quran E Hakeem. The discussion on these themes is given below:-

• Allah and His unity

The word “Allah” is accrued in Quran over 2,500 times. Allah is the major them of Allah. In Quran at many places the Qualities of Allah is being discussed. It is being told in Quran that who is Allah and how He is. What the Qualities and powers He has. The relationship of Allah and men is discussed in detail in Quran E hakeem. In Quran Tawheed is discussed in detail which is closely related to Allah Almighty. His Power and Mercy are both intrinsically linked qualities. In Quran about the unity of Allah is discussed many times. At one place it is said in Quran that:-
“And your God is one God. There is no god save Him: the Kind, the Merciful”

• Mohammad and the Prophets
Allah sent His prophets to guide the men. They showed the right way to the community. They delivered His message to men. So it is the major theme of Quran. Quran talks about those prophets who came before Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). Quran talks about those nations which were before and how they treated with Prophets. Quran talks a lot about Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). This book tells about the message of prophets which was universal. The essential teachings of all the prophets are the same i.e. tawhid (monotheism). The miracles related to all Prophets are discussed in Quran E Hakeem. So it is the one of the major themes of Quran.

• Islam and other religions
Quran does not only discuss about Islam but it also discusses about other religions. Quran discusses Islam in detail. This book talks about every issue and it also make a comparison of Islam with other religions.

• Man as individual
The Qur’an does not accept Greek, Christian and Hindu philosophies of body-mind dualism; it considers them somewhat fused entities. The Quran tells about the worst enemy of man which is Satan. Quran tells that every man and woman will be charged equally or rewarded equally. This book tells the individual duties of man.

• Man as social
Islam tells us about the proper social maintenance. In Quran the proper guidance is given to man about social life. The Qur’an aims to strengthen the basic family unit. To fulfill this aim Quran tells and guides about the rules and regulations of social life.

• Satan and Evil
The Quran tells about the Satan and evil in detail. Description about the “Iblees” is given in Quran. Quran E hakeem warns to humanity about the attacks of the Satan. Satan is an anti-man force rather than anti-God. So the major theme of Quran is to give the awareness to humanity about Satan.

• The concept of life after death
The concept of Life after death is a recurrent theme in the Qur’an. Quran tells about the Day of Judgment. Quran tells that it is the moment of truth. Quran gives the description of that life which is after death. The reason behind this is to make man ready for the Day of Judgment.
So here is the description of some major themes of Quran E hakeem. Quran E Hakeem has a lot of themes rest of these themes. This book shows the right way to lead the perfect life and to be prepare for the next life. May Allah give us courage to understand Quran E Hakeem (amen).