Must Have Things for Muslim Youth


Must Have Things for Muslim Youth

Islam is a complete code of life. We all the Muslims have this wish to become an ideal Muslim. We should not rely on dreams but we should try whole heartedly to become an ideal Muslim. Youth plays a good role in. Many people waste the important part of their youth in just chilling without practicing the values of Islam. It’s a wrong notion that in youth we should enjoy a lot because it will never come back and in old age we should practice Islam. The teenagers who follow Islam in youth are the lucky one. The worship and practices which we do in Youth have its own charm. In youth we feel active and we can do all the acts with passion and full of energy. We should try to become ideal Muslim teenagers. Below are given certain tips which can help Muslim youth to become an ideal youth for the world.

• The spiritual awareness is very much important. So for a young Muslim it is necessary to spiritual awareness. For the spiritual awareness you should join the Islamic classes. We think that we don’t have time for Islamic classes but we have time for late night parties. It nothing but only our bad luck. We should remain connected with a person who attends Islamic lectures and goes in Islamic preaching gatherings. This will improve your knowledge. Many people say that we know enough about Islam. Yes we know but refreshment is very much important so we should give refreshment to our Eman.

• To say truth is a difficult thing for a teenager. They’re often tempted to lie out of fear of parents or teachers. If, for example, you didn’t do your homework you might want to invent a lie in order to avoid punishment. If you make a mistake, you might try to conceal the truth from your parents. However keep one thing in your mind: If you choose to be truth, you’ll be clear of sins, and you’ll do your school work on time to be able to avoid informing lies. You’ll view unusual accomplishment, not only these days, but also inside the hereafter. In Quran it is said that:-

“Allah will say, ‘This is a Day when the truth of the truthful will benefit them. For them are gardens underneath which rivers flow, abiding therein forever and ever. Allah is well pleased with them and they are well pleased with Him. That is a great success”.

• To remain trustworthy is very much important. You need to be trustworthy as a way to gain a new prominent set up in your society. It will assist you to attain success that you experienced and you’ll certainly not be robbed. Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) was a trustworthy among his all companions. In Quran E Hakeem it is said that:-

“There is no compulsion in religion. Truth has become distinct from falsehood. Therefore, he who denies Shaytan and believes in Allah, holds firm a bond554 that severs not. And Allah is All hearing, All knowing”.

• You should show respect to your parents and elders. Most of the teenagers avoid parents and their elders which is a very bad habit. Young people ignore the advice of the parents and elders which is not good. We should be grateful to Parents.

• Patience and self restrain is very much important. There are some common conditions teenagers face in this challenging world if you physical exercise self-restraint and patience, you should have no regrets and may attain excellent heights in your lifetime. In Quran it is said that:-

“An none is granted this but those who exercise patience, and none is granted this but one of great fortune”.

• You should avoid idle talk. Now a day it is a very common thing that young people remain involve in idle talk. This habit leads you toward the wrong side. Because of the idle talk you will face the troubles in this world and in the next world too. So avoid idle talks completely. In Quran it is said that:-

“And, of the people is one who purchases idle discourse5 to lead astray from the path of Allah – without knowledge – and to treat it in mockery. They, for them is a humiliating chastisement”.
• Try to become pious. For this you should keep in mind that Allah is watching you. Try to be pious. You will observe how the above qualities come within you. Try your best to offer 5 times prayer. Think that it is a precious time to do worship.

So these were some tips for Muslim youth which every young person should follow to become an ideal Muslim and Islamic Encyclopedia is the best source to keep you on the track. May Allah show all of us the right path (amen)