Rights of relatives in Islam


Rights of relatives in Islam

Islam gives the great importance to the rights of the relatives. Relatives are the family to whom the person belongs. Beside our parents, children, husband, wife we are bound strictly with other relatives which are close to our parents, husband, and wife. Allah Almighty has designed the system of birth in this way that we all are bound in the relations. In Quran E Hakeem and Ahadith many times about the rights of the relatives is being told. In Quran E Pak it is said that:-

“Allah enjoins justice, generosity and kind treatment with relatives…”

The person who fulfills the rights of the relatives lives long. In an Hadith which is narrated by Hazrat Anus (R.A) it is said that:-

“Whoever wants an increase in his sustenance and that the marks of his feet remain for a long time in the world, He should be kind and helpful to his relatives.”
There are two ways of being kind and considerate to relatives.
1. By giving them monetary assistance when it is needed.
2. By devoting a part of time and energy to their services.
The person who does violation of relatives rights will be not able to enter in Jannah as it is said in Ahadith that:-

“Whoever violates the rights of the relatives, shall not go to paradise”
The word Sila E Rehmi is also used for the best treatment with relatives. About the importance of the rights of the relatives it is said that no one should treat badly with his relatives even if they do wrong. In a Hadith which is narrated by Imam as- Sdiq that:-

“once, a man said to the Prophet (s): “God’s Messenger, my relatives have rallied against me, disregarded me, and reviled at me. Should I disavow them?” The Prophet (s) answered: “If you do, Allah will disavow all of you.” He wondered: “How should I do, then?” The Prophet (s) instructed: “You should regard those who disregarded you, give those who deprived you (of their endowments), and pardon those who wronged you. If you do it, Allah will support you against them.”

To break the relationships with the relatives is not allowed in Islam. “Breaking of relations” also implies “abuse of relations.” Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA) said that:-
“There are two sins which warrant punishment in Here and in the Hereafter: one is oppression, and the other is disregard of kin-ship.”
If someone gives charity outside from his kinship circle even in his kinship circle the needy people are there his charity will b wasted and he will not get reward from Allah. It is important to give charity to your needy relatives. Hazrat Mohammad ( PBUH) said that:-

“The one who keeps giving charity and continues to extend love and care to relatives, Allah (SWT) gives him a long healthy life, protects him from a bad end, and shields him from calamities & hardships.”
We should show kindness to our relatives and consider their rights. In this way Allah will be happy from us. May Allah make us able to become a perfect Muslim (amen).