Sincerity Vs Pity (Taqwa)


Sincerity Vs Pity (Taqwa)

The meaning of sincerity:-

We use the word “pure intention” for sincerity but the word to word meaning of sincerity is “to make pure”. The word pure is used for that thing which is pure from any foist. In human relationship sincerity is the name of that quality which allows man to do any action for other man or for some specific aim. By performing this action the man does not think about his personal benefit or for show off. Same like this “the sincerity in religion” has same meaning that whatever a man does he does it for the happiness of Allah. The man who does work with sincerity is called sincere.

The meaning of pity:-

The meaning of Pity (taqwa) is fear. In the religious law the meaning of pity is to have realization and fear in the heart of the man that Allah is seeing all his actions and according to these actions on the Day of Judgment I will be granted or punished. Under this realization and fear he will come toward good deeds and pity. In this way He will secure himself from the bad results on the Day of Judgment.

The meaning of Sincerity and pity:-

When we talk about sincerity and pity together then its meaning will be that man should go toward deeds and pity for the purpose to get the happiness of Allah and to get rid from the bad results on the Day of Judgment. And these good are not performed to any worldly affairs and to show off.

The reality of Pity:-

Pity is the condition of the heart. It is an attitude. It is an life style. When this condition is created in the man then he does not defiance of Allah and Prophet. That is why the beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) pointed toward heart and said “Pity is here in this”

Once upon a time Hazrat Umar Farooq asked from Hazrat Abi (RA) Bin Kab about pity. Hazrat Abi Bib Kab said! Have you ever passed from path with full of bushes? Hazrat Umar Farooq said “Yes” when I was grazed the camels of my father I came across many times from those types of paths. Hazrat Kaab (RA) said then how did you pass from these paths? Hazrat Umar(RA) said that I folded my clothes and in this way I avoid myself from the bushes. Then I took every step with full of care. Harat kaab said “It is pity (taqwa)”. Quran e Haqeem said that the purpose of all the actions and worship is Taqwa because when pity is created in the heart of the man then he feels easy to avoid every evil and to make secure himself.

Pity is dignity:-

In Islam the dignity of man depends on pity (Taqwa). In Quran it is said that:-

“O mankind, We have created you out of a male and female and made you tribes and clans so that you may identify each other. Surely, the noblest among you in the sight of Allah is the most godfearing of you. Verily, Allah is All-knowing, All-aware”

At one place it is said that adopt taqwa with full of your strength. And adopt Taqwa as you should adopt it:-

“Believers! Fear Allah in the manner He ought to be feared, and die not save as Muslims.”

Sincerity and pity:-

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said about sincerity and pity that “Actions varies on the intentions”. Its meaning is that the reward or the punishment does not depend on the superficiality of the actions but it depends on the intention. Once Hazrat Muhammad said that Allah does not look your bodies, your faces, and superficiality of your actions. He looks in your hearts that with which intention you did this. Hazrat Muhammad also said that the person who offer prayer, have fast, does charity for show off he does Shirk. 

Sincerity and pity is the last step toward the morality. That is why it is important that if when we do well for others or do good deed it should be with the intention to get the happiness of Allah. May Allah secure us from His anger (Ameen)