Lailat ul Qadar:- The night of power


Lailat ul Qadar:- The night of power

Laila tul Qadar means the night of power, the night of Decree, the night of measures and the night of value.

This night occurs in the odd numbered nights of the last Ashra of Ramadan. Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said that:-

“Seek Lailatul Qadr in the odd-numbered nights of the last ten nights of Ramadan,”

In Quran it is said that Laila tul Qadar is better than 1000 months. Laila tul Qadar can be in any odd numbered nights but chances are more in the night of 27th Ramada because Quran was revealed in this night. Allah says in Quran:-



Lailatul Qadar Night

"We have indeed revealed this (message) in the Night of Power. And what will explain to thee what the Night of Power is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. Therein come down the angels and the spirit by God's permission, on every errand: Peace! This until the rise of Morn."

We should remain busy in worship with full devotion and purity of intention because the time for this worship will never come back. In this night Hazrat Jibrael(A.S) comes on earth with 70,000 angles and give the goodnews to those who awake this night for worship. These angles shake the hand with those who awake in this night. These angles remain till the morning. They pray for the forgiveness of Umat E Muslimah and do Dhikar of Allah.

In this night as much worship should so as one can do. Its is narrated by Abu Huraira that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said:-

“The person who will awake in the night of Qadar for the sake of reward his last sins will be forgiven by Allah Almight” ( Bukhari Shareef).

What should do in the night of Qadar?

• Should recite Holy Quran: - It is the night of Quran so we should try to recite Holy Quran as much as you can. Quran was revealed in this night so if you are reciting Quran from the first of Ramadan you should try to finish it in that night.
• Should recite 21 time Sura E Qadar.
• Should offer as navafil.

The Prophet peace be upon him said:-

“Whoever draws near to Allaah during it (Ramadaan) with a single characteristic from the characteristics of (voluntary) goodness, he is like whoever performs an obligatory act in other times. And whoever performs an obligatory act during it, he is like whoever performed seventy obligatory acts in other times.”

• Ask forgiveness from Allah:- We should try to seek the forgiveness from Allah Almighty. The best dua of forgiveness is:-

“ اللْهُمَّ إِنَّكَ عَفُوٌّ تُحِبُّ الْعَفْوَ فَاعْفُ عَنِّي”
“O Allah! Verily, You are the Oft-Pardoning, You love to pardon, so pardon me.”
• Do Dhikar of Kalma E Tayba, Darood sharif, and Astaghfar.
• Should ask for mercy and paradise.
• Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said that the person who will offer the 2 rakat of navafil in shab e Qadar , in every Rakat after surah E fatiha recite Sura e Ikhlas 7 times, after finishing the namaz do Dhikar of “ La illa ha Illah Huwal hayul qayoom wa atoobu ilai”. 70 times then he and his parents will be forgiven before he stands from the place of prayer.
• It is narrated by Hazrat Ali (R.A) that the prson who will recite Sur E Qadar 7 times after the prayer of Issha Allah will save him from all the troubles and 70,000 angles will pray for the paradise for him.
• Should recite Sura E yaseen which is the heart of Quran. Allah will give him as much regard as he finished Holy Quran.

So we should pray for ourselves, for whole Muslim Ummah, for forgiveness and for loyal wishes to Allah with whole heartedly and weeping eyes. May Allah forgive us (amen)