Itikaf:- A special worship of Ramadan with full of blessings


Itikaf:- A special worship of Ramadan with full of blessings

Itikaf is a special worship of Ramadan. The man who is made only for worship of God has become indolent from his only purpose of creation. God loves his human. The spring of the mercy of Allah has come. The month of Ramadan is here. God wants that O man! Leave the indolent, break the chain of greediness, come in my court of honour and sit as my courtier for some days in a corner, leave the thinking about worldly affairs and do separate yourself from the family. There should remains nothing in your heart except the love for Allah. Remain busy in my worship. Feel shame on your indolent. For some days there is loneliness and after this blessings are there for you. It is that point where God and man are there. This Sound is coming that it’s the time to ask from Allah, O the slaves of Allah and His prophet ask for whatever you want to ask. Today those hands will never remain empty who will ask from Allah. Everything will be granted to you. Show some Patience and forbear the pain for some days. If You are mine and this world is your’s .

If you want to ask about the value of Itikaf then ask from the true momin. If you want to know the hidden values of Itikaf then do worship of Allah during Itikaf with devotion. If you want forgiveness then weep in the court of Allah. If you want honour in this world and in the next world then stay in the court of Allah in the nights of Itikaf. If you want to enjoy in the love of Allah then make rosary of your heart of soul in the Dhikar of Allah. Everyone gets that which he wants to get.

O Momin! If the blessings of Itekaf are countless then come and sit for Itikaf. Those moments of life are best which pass in the Dhikar of Allah. The blessing of Itikaf from all other blessings is it is the most likeable worship of Allah. In this worship man leaves all his worldly affairs and sits in the house of Allah. He remain busy in worship of Allah for some days and get the closeness of Allah . The beloved prophet of Allah never leave Itikaf . It is narrated by Hazrat Aisha that:-

“The Prophet used to practice Itikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan till he died and then his wives used to practice Itikaf after him.”

The meaning of Itikaf:-

• In Islam the meaning if Itikaf is to stay in mosque with intention.
• To stay in mosque with the intention of worship and for the happiness of Allah is called Itikaf.
• Imam Alama Fakhr ud deen writes that in Islam Itikaf is the name to stay in mosque with the intention and fasting.

The reward of Itikaf:-

The divination of Itikaf and Mutkif can be guessed with that verse of Quran in which it is told that Allah give order to Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail that clean the house of Allah for those who circumambulate of BaitAllah and do Itikaf.( sura e baqra: verse 125).

Hazrat Ibn e Abbas said that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said about Mutkif he remains free from sins and get reward of the good deeds as he done deeds in whole life.( Sunan Ibn E Maja)

Hazrat Imam Hussain(RA) narrated that Holy prophet(PBUH) said that

“Who sit in Itikaf for ten days it is like he did two Haj and 2 Umras”.

Mutkif is like that man who stays in the court of Allah and says that I will not walk from here till I am not forgiven by Allah. When Mutkif sit for Itikaf by following the Sunnah of Holy prophet (PBUH) then he become dearest of Allah.

The start of Itikaf

Itikaf is performed in the last Ashra of Ramadan and the last Ashra starts with the sunset of 20th Ramadan that’s why it is compulsory that Mutkif should be in Mosque at the time of sunset. Our beloved prophet stayed in mosque from the morning of 20th Ramadan and if one can do this its better.

To hang e curtain and spread the mattress or bed cloth

Before the starting of Itikaf the place should be examined where you have to sit for Itikaf. In the corner where you want to sit a carpet or bed cloth should be spread on floor. If you want to hang the curtain then do this as well.

Important things about Itikaf

• It is sunnah to sit for Itikaf from the evening of 20th Ramadan till 30th Ramadan. If the person who is having intention of Itikaf comes after Maghrib then Itikaf will not be done.
• If all the people of the city leave Itikaf that they all will b given the answer and if one will sit from the whole city then the whole city will be free from answer.
• At the time of the sun sitting of 20th Ramadan Mutkif should be in mosque or at the place of Itikaf.
• For Mutkif it is important to be mature and clean. If Mutkif is woman then for her the permission of husband is important and she should sit in her home.
• For Itikaf fasting and intention is important.
• If Mutkif comes out of mosque without any serious trouble or physical reason Itikaf will not remain.
• For Mutkif it is not important to remain always quit and cover the mouth.
• If Mutkif cannot have fast because of illness then Itikaf will be no more.
• If no one is at home to bring the meal for Mukif then he can go to home for having meal.

During Itikaf if a person becomes ill:-

Illness has three types:-
1. Serious illness: - If Mutkif is seriously ill that he can not stay in mosque then He can break the Itikaf.
2. Minor illness: - The illness which is not serious like headache or minor fever should be forbear and should not come out from mosque.

Worships which should be done during Itikaf:-

Itikaf is that worship which cannot be done without staying in mosque. During this period Mutkif should do these things:-

• Should offer nawafils
• Should do Recite
• Should do Dhikar
• Should Offer Salat ul tasbih daily
• Should offer Nimaz e tahajat

May Allah give us power to sit for Itikaf and to gather the blessings of this worship (amen).