7 Things Every Muslim Should Know During Ramadan


7 Things Every Muslim Should Know During Ramadan

Ramadan is a ninth month of Islamic calendar. It is a very holy and special month for the Muslims. This holy month is dedicated toward self purification, fasting and spiritual attainment. You can feel spirituality in Ramadan. There are different goals of the Ramadan. Your whole body gets the awareness of the God and you feel happiness to have Fasting for the happiness of Allah Almighty. It is a big challenge for all the Muslims to achieve the specific goals during Ramadan. Some tips are being given below in order to get those specific goals:-

• Dhikr is a very important spiritual worship. When you do Dhikr you come closer to Allah Almighty. So you should do Dikr as much as you can. You can do Dikr while traveling, walking, cooking ect. There are many benefits of Dikr. The Holy Spirit involves in your work and your work is done and completed with goodness. Many people face the problem to involve in different scenes and forget to do Dikr. The important solution of this problem is you should keep a rosary in your pocket and whenever you feel free start the Dhikr. This rosary will help you to remember that it’s the time for Dhikr and you should do this. Get some free time from your routine and do some peaceful meditation.

• Turn off Radio, television, movies and music is the important tip during Ramadan. When you will turn off all these things you will get a lot of free time for worship. If you want to stay connected with friends and family use the cellular phones and mail. It is not easy to cut off from technology. Make a habit of it before Ramadan.

• To recite the Quran is a foremost important tip during Ramadan. Start reciting Quran from the First of Ramadan. Make a goal that you have to finish the recite of Quran once.

• Charity is important in Islam. In Ramadan more and more Charity should be there. Find the people who can’t afford the necessities of life and do Charity. You can give food on daily basis to needy people. You can make some dishes for needy people to do Iftar. First of all find the needy people in your family and do good charity for them because the first right is of your family. If you don’t find the needy people in your family find them out of your family.

• Salat is an important pillar of Ramadan but most of us don’t offer 5 times Salat. Ramadan is a best time to make habit of 5 times Salat. You should try your level best to offer Salat 5 times in its early time.

• Women remain busy in household jobs like preparing Sehri or Iftari. They should make a proper plan before Ramadan. By following that plan they can get much free time for worship. Eid shopping is common job of women during Ramadan. They spend much time in market. The solution of this problem is you should do Eid shopping before Ramadan.

• Don’t eat much at Iftar time. If you will eat much your worship will be affected as well as your health. Use simple foods which can be easily digest.

These are some tips which can be helpful for you during Ramadan. May Allah give us spirit to get involve in worship of Allah Almighty with whole heartedly. (AMEN)