Imam Malik Bin Anas


Imam Malik Bin Anas

Known by the name of Imam Malik whose full name was Abu Abdullah, Malik ibn Anas ibn Malik ibn Amer al-Asbahee. He was born in Madinah in the year 93 A.H. He was basically from Yemen. His grandfather settled in Islamabad after embracing Islam. He was born in a very settled family and he never struggled for living. He was very much found of studding Islam that is why he just ended his life in studding fiqa. Imam Malik received His education from Madina. He lived at that place where the follower of the companions of beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) lived.

 It is said that Imam Malik looked for over three hundred Tabi’een or those who saw and also followed your companions on the Prophet (PBUH). Imam Malik narrated the hadeeth on the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wasallam, in such reverence that he never narrated, taught almost any hadeeth or perhaps gave some sort of fatwa without being in a situation of schedule purity, Ghusl. It is said by Ismael ibn abi Uwaiss that:-

I asked my uncle Imam Malik – about something. He had me sit, made ablution, and then said, ‘Laa hawla wala quwata illa billah.’ He did not give any fatwa without saying it first.

He was very much careful about presenting it to the extent if he wasn't sure with regards to a matter, although not are brave enough to discuss. Al-Haytham said, “I once was with Imam Malik any time he has been asked more than forty questions and My partner and i heard him or her reply, ‘I don't know, ’ to thirty two of these people. ”

Yet, he was the person about who ash-Shafi’ee said, “When scholars are mentioned, Malik is like the star among them.” Malik said that he did not necessarily sit to supply fatwa, before seventy in the Madinah first viewed to his / her competence in accomplishing this. He became the imam of the Madina and become the renowned Imam.

Imam Malik is the author of al-Muwatta’. This book is having the collection of the narrations of Holy Prophet along with the sayings of the companions. It is said by Imam Malik that:-

I showed my book to seventy scholars of Madinah, and every single one of them approved it for me (kulluhum wata-ani alayh), so I named it ‘The Approved’.

Such as all scholars of Islam, Imam Malik has been famous with regard to his piety and integrity. This individual courageously endured up, and was ready to suffer, with regard to his convictions. In the event the governor associated with Madinah commanded and forced visitors to take the actual oath associated with allegiance to be able to Khalifah al-Mansour, Imam Malik granted a fatwa that this kind of oath was not binding as it was offered under coercion.

He passed away on 14th of Rabi-ul-Awwal 179 A H. He is buried in famous al-Baqie cemetery. May His soul rest in peace! (Amen).