Don’t Delay Asking Repentance from Allah


Don’t Delay Asking Repentance from Allah



The best sinners are those who repent - Astaghfar

Repentance is a very important thing which we all seek. All the wise people remain conscious about their sins and ask for repentance from Allah Almighty. “Tawbah” is an Islamic word which means “to return”. Actually it refers to leave that act which is forbidden and do that act which is commanded by Allah Almighty. The postponement regarding repentance would be the result of either a deliberate prefer to prolong the actual illicit pleasure resulting from the sin, or doubt on the part of an badly informed sinner regardless of whether Allah would certainly accept his repentance.


The Doors of Repentance Are Open

Allah is most merciful and He is always ready to forgive us. Here the need is only to ask for repentance. The two locks can lock these doors which are: death and the Day of Judgment. In a Hadith it is said that:-

“Allah accepts a slave's repentance unless his death approaches.”

At another place it is said by Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) that:-

Whosoever turns to Allaah in repentance before the sun rises in the West, Allaah will forgive him." [Ahmad]

In Quran E Hakeem it is said by Allah Almighty that:-

Repentance is not of those who commit evils (upon evils) until when death appears










“Repentance is not of those who commit evils (upon evils) until when death appears before one of them he cries out: ‘Now I repent,’ nor of those who die in the state of disbelief; for them we have prepared a painful chastisement.”


Why Do We Delay Repentance?

• We take sins lightly.
• Allah will forgive so let’s do sin.
• We say that it’s the last time so let’s commit this sin with intention of not committing it again.
• If Allah wants he will give me the ability of leaving this sin.

Repent as soon as possible before the time is up. Our life is using a timer, which we have no management over, none can most of us reset. Therefore, let's make use of the time we will need to engage throughout obedience to our Creator and let's use this time to request our Rabb to help forgive us for our shortcomings. Let's request forgiveness for our sins we've committed with our eyes, ears & other body parts, Let's not delay because they'll speak against us within the day involving judgment. Let us repent frequently and often, and let's try our best to avoid that what the Lord does not like. Mat Allah we know that we are sinners and we have committed a lot of sins but our sins are not more than your mercy so forgive us otherwise we will be destroyed. (Amen)!